Setting Intention

It’s the beginning of yoga class and we’ve been asked to bring our hands in prayer position to our heart as we sit in a comfortable position. Normally I would press my palms together, firm and even, but today my teacher says something different:

“Press your palms together firmly, now keep pressing through your thumbs and fingers, but create a little space in between your palms. In this way you make room for the seed of your intention.”

In the past, when I had set my intention at the beginning of class, it would feel superficial. This time, I found a great feeling of hope as I made space for my little seed – or pod – of intention. No longer was this just something I said before class, but something more tangible than that. By setting my intention into this little imaginary seed, I was creating a thought that would, in time, flourish and become a reality.

I had been wanting certain things to come into my life, but I felt a block. I bowed my head forward and silently set my intention to be open to receive positive things into my life. I repeated this intention for a week at the beginning of my practice and started to feel a change in my attitude. Out of constant fear that I would have the “rug pulled out from under me,” at any time, it was hard for me trust that good things could come into my life. After changing this one gesture at the beginning of each class I started recognizing the positive aspects of my life and feeling gratitude for them. I let go of  the fear and told myself that I deserve to receive positivity, that if I get something good in my life, it doesn’t mean I will also get something bad.

My intention changes from practice to practice, but having that space in between my palms at the onset of each class has become something beautiful for me. It has become the space within my heart where I can hold my intentions. The place where I can receive what I have asked for from the universe, to offer and hold on to good thoughts for someone else, or to feel thankful for what I already have. By making a physical space between my hands I have created a place inside myself to make my practice more purposeful.


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